A massage therapist is a professional who provides massage services to customers. They typically use their hands and fingers to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve circulation. They may also use certain tools to provide various massages, such as hot stones, cupping, and aromatherapy. Massage therapists may specialize in different types of massage, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and prenatal massage.


Tantra massage is an ancient practice of physical and spiritual healing. It is a form of bodywork that combines elements of yoga, meditation, and massage to create a deeply healing and relaxing experience. Tantra massage can be used to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It is a highly individualized experience, and can be tailored to each person`s needs. Yes, we offer erotic tantra massage services. Our tantra massage sessions are designed to provide a deeply relaxing and intimate experience, while at the same time allowing the client to explore and cultivate their own sensuality. Our experienced, certified therapists use a combination of techniques, such as gentle touch, energy work, and breathwork to promote a deep sense of relaxation and connection. Our sessions are tailored to each individual, so please reach out to us to discuss your needs and preferences.


Sensual massage is a type of massage that focuses on the stimulation of the senses as opposed to providing therapeutic relaxation. This type of massage uses gentle, slow and sensual strokes with minimal pressure to relax the body, increase the senses and promote overall well-being. Sensual massage is often used to stimulate the senses and create a more intimate connection between two people. It can be used to help increase pleasure during sexual activity and improve communication in relationships.

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